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Philandering Presidents
David O'Keefe

Philandering Presidents

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11"x14" Fine Art Print

I believe the "Philandering Presidents" piece was done somewhere around the years 1999-2000, judging by my style and the palette I used, and the similar subject matter of "The Clinton Years, which was produced in February 1999.  The presidents are from left to right, Bill Clinton (#42), John F. Kennedy, Jr. (#35), Thomas Jefferson (#3), Warren Harding (#29), Lyndon Johnson (#36), and Franklin D. Roosevelt (#32.)  All were powerful politicians with significant accomplishments in office, but all shared the same character flaw of unrestrained libido.

Bill Clinton of course had numerous affairs as governor and as president, with paramours Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky.  He also had a fondness for McDonald's French fries and cigars.

Jack Kennedy loved movie stars, gangster girlfriends, and even an alleged German spy. He used the Secret Service to cover his tracks and keep his dalliances from his wife, Jackie. Jackie wasn't stupid. 

Founding father Thomas Jefferson had a longtime affair and fathered five children with a slave, Sally Hemmes, whom he met in Paris and brought to the states.  He freed her and his children in his will.

Warren Harding was president for only 2 years due to an untimely death in office.  He was popular with the ladies, having supported the women's suffrage movement.  He had at least two long-term extramarital affairs and was also thought to party "hardy" during prohibition, keeping bootleg whiskey at the White House.  One of his ladies extorted more than $50k from the Republican party for her silence.  He also wrote love poems for his women. There are rumors that he died not from a heart attack, but from being poisoned by his wife for his indiscretions.

Lyndon Johnson.  I find this hard to believe, too.  His former press secretary referred to the Texas president as having the instincts of a "Turkish sultan in Istanbul." Apparently he had harems of women. Definite ick factor.

Franklin D. Roosevelt married his fourth cousin, Eleanor, who refused to sleep with him after the birth of their sixth child.  But apparently he had two long-standing extramarital affairs with his wife's social secretary and with his own personal secretary. When one woman died, he took back up with the other. Eleanor apparently looked the other way when FDR and his secretary shared adjoining bedrooms.  

Then again, this is all hearsay and speculation!


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