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Grand Slam - Tribute to Sampras, Aggassi
David O'Keefe

Grand Slam - Tribute to Sampras, Aggassi

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19"x12" Fine Art Print Framed, signed and numbered
My art has been reproduced on golf towels for awhile and the company that makes them wanted to move into tennis towels. We talked about creating a line of great tennis rivalry artwork and this is my second one.
The Andre Agassi/Pete Sampras rivalry is considered one of the greatest tennis rivalries of all time. It's almost like the great boxing match-ups, they were perfect for each other. They played at the same time, starting in 1990. Sampras had this rocket serve and Agassi was known for his counter-punch, he's been called the best service returner in the game's history. It's that classic kind of Ali/Frazier thing, where they were just meant for each other.
In the image, Sampras is ready to serve, he's about to throw up the ball. And Agassi is hitting a baseline serve with a backhand. They are on opposite sides of a net, even though you can't see the net.  

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