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X-Files Tribute
David O'Keefe

X-Files Tribute

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18"x24" Giclee on canvas, signed and numbered by the artist.

I sculpted the X-Files in 1998, when the feature film based on the television show was released. Its popularity had gone past the small screen to the big screen and the movie was widely anticipated by X-Files fans. Even though it was made into a movie, the show continued on TV for a few more seasons. FBI special agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) were the stars of both the movie and the show. The figures are about 24 inches tall and I made them out of Super Sculpey, the clay I use for most of my sculptures. I added wigs and doll eyes. I also made the badge and the little wallet. The photo of Mulder on his FBI Badge is a photo of the sculpture of him, so you have a picture of the sculpture inside the sculpture. What they are wearing is also sculpted and painted, so almost everything the viewer's eye sees is sculpture, including the tie with the alien heads on it. The show and movie had a lot of romantic tension going on between Scully and Mulder, plus Mulder believed in aliens while Scully was more of a skeptic. They are still popular as a couple, when the The Paley Center for Media conducted a poll of "TV's Most Dynamic Duos'' they placed No. 7 in the top 30. 

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