Ty Webb
David O'Keefe

Ty Webb

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After the popularity of the "Caddyshack'' cast painting, we decided to do individual characters from the movie. I've done Bill Murray in the "Cinderella Story'' moment and Rodney Dangerfield as Al Czervik and so the logical next step was Chevy Chase as Ty Webb.
It's just basically from the Zen of golf scene. He's floating effortlessly, and he's holding his putter and he's talking to Danny. In that scene he says "na-na-na-na-na'' and he's putting the ball and he's kicking the ball and hitting it like a cue ball on a pool table. At the end, he chips the ball over the only one he misses. It's a classic scene.  
The colors I used were the white pants and the red shirt Ty Webb wore in the scene and then I tried to get that feel of really a sun-drenched golf course. It's a bright day on the golf course for sure.

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