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22x28 Tribute to The Dalai Lama
David O'Keefe

22x28 Tribute to The Dalai Lama

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22"x28" Fine Art Print


A Tribute to the Dalai Lama


David’s Inspiration:

The painting is based on the monologue Bill Murray delivers as Carl Spackler in Caddyshack, where he’s holding a pitchfork and telling Tony D’Annuzio's brother about the time he got on as a looper (caddy) on a golf course in Tibet.

The mountains in the background are the Himalayas and the Dalai Lama himself, “the flowing robes, the grace, bald … striking,’’ is teeing off.

He whacks one with the driver Spackler gave him and Spackler is just amazed at how far he can hit a golf ball.  “Big hitter, the Lama,’’ you know.  

I put the Lama in traditional golf shoes, I thought about putting him in these sandals with spikes they have now, but they didn’t have those back in the 80s and Caddyshack is from 1980. The black and white shoes are a nice touch to go with the Dalai Lama’s robes. He always looks happy in photographs and I captured that expression and his strong cheekbones. He’s happy with the way he’s hitting the ball.  

Spackler is wearing his groundskeeper clothes from the movie. There’s a lot of stories about Murray and how he ad-libbed most of his scenes, though I think this one was scripted. It’s a great scene, especially the way he keeps poking the pitchfork into D’Annuzio’s neck and he’s frightened and trying not to laugh at the same time.   

There’s a lot of bold color in the painting, the blues in the background kind of pop the reds and yellows in the foreground. It’s a beautiful countryside in the mountains. I guess there’s a golf course there somewhere. There won’t be a tip, but there will be total consciousness.

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