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Fab 4
David O'Keefe

Fab 4

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8"x10" Fine Art Print

I call the "Fab Four Sketch'' my "therapy Beatles.'' It was the first sketch I did after breaking my arm in 2009. I had a wreck on my bike, which was so embarrassing. I like to go really fast and outrun all those people in their Lance Armstrong outfits. Suddenly I was flying off the bike, I must have looked like an idiot. I ended up with eight screws in my right arm. To get back into drawing I decided to do the Beatles. It was so hard, it's amazing how fast your arm can atrophy. At first I had to move the paper around because I couldn't move or lift my pencil. In the end it turned out fine and I really like this sketch. You will never find a photo of the Beatles that looks like this because I combined images of them from different points in time. John's hair never looked like that at the same time as George's hair looked like that and he has his moustache but not a goatee."


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