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Jeremy Lin
David O'Keefe

Jeremy Lin

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24"x30" Acrylic on Canvas

Jeremy Lin’s true-life overnight sensation story inspired David to add Lin to his collection of pop-culture icons. In the, David has Lin jumping over a couch and reaching new heights.   

Lin was signed by the Knicks Dec. 27 and spent six weeks sleeping on the couches of his brother and a teammate before being called off the bench and having a huge game Feb. 4. Since then he’s been a one-man scoring juggernaut and helped put New York in playoff contention. He also has moved into a new apartment. 

While O’Keefe typically immortalizes more historic icons such as Dirty Harry, Frank Sinatra and movies such as “Caddyshack”” and “The Godfather,’’ he said he just had to do a Lin piece. “This is just a phenomenal story and everything about Lin is so inspiring. I mean, he graduated from Harvard and it hasn’t produced an NBA player since the 1950s!’’