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David O'Keefe


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20"x24" Oil on Canvas - Framed
As a kid in junior high, my friends and I formed our own band and we sort of liked to do our makeup like KISS. It was pretty close to being KISS-type makeup, but not exactly. I am not a KISS maniac, I just loved that whole makeup thing.  
 It's the original KISS band members - Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss - I wanted to stick with the classic KISS. I put some reddish smoke by his mouth instead, it's a takeoff on the flames coming out of his mouth when they used to do fire-breathing and use elaborate pyrotechnics during performances.
The prominence of red in the painting is symbolic of the heat from the band, the heavy metal that they played. It's a portrait of them at their peak and how fans remember them best.