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Much Ado About Nothing - Tribute to Seinfeld
David O'Keefe

Much Ado About Nothing - Tribute to Seinfeld

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12"x16" Giclee on watercolor paper, signed and numbered by the Artist 

"Much Ado About Nothing,'' is another one where I take pop culture icons and put them in a Baroque setting. Baroque is my favorite art period. In Baroque paintings women were always white and men were rugged and tan, the paintings had contrast between intense light and dark shadows. Women would be dead center in the painting and their skin would be bright white, so the first thing you see when you look at the painting is the shape of a woman's torso. Elaine is in the center and you see her immediately. Jerry, Kramer and George are darker and covered, like men would be in Baroque paintings. When I first started working on a Seinfeld image, I did a lot of drawings of them in Jerry's apartment, as they were on the show. Then I kind of came upon this and went with it.

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