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The Clinton Years
David O'Keefe

The Clinton Years

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Giclee on Watercolor paper, signed and numbered by the artist.

"The Clinton Years" is a gouache and pen painting I did at The Tampa Tribune for a year-in-review article that focused on the scandal after President Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky. This is a Washington setting and Jerry Springer just happens to be in the background. He just seemed to fit, at that time his show was getting popular and there would be fights all the time. I tried to make it accurate pictorially to the the whole scandal, with Linda Tripp displaying the dress and Al Gore panicking because his political life is being ruined. Others in the painting are Newt Gingrich, Ken Starr and Paula Jones. Richard Nixon, John Kennedy and George Washington are looking down from the heavenly presidential suite. The family members on the right are us, the American people, being shocked by it all. Bill and Hillary Clinton and Lewinsky are in the center. Clinton is looking stupid with his pants around his ankles and Monica has his hands covering his eyes. He has a country to run and he's blinded by this scandal." 

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