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Russell Wilson
David O'Keefe

Russell Wilson

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Oil on Canvas
I've been really inspired by this young quarterback and his athletic ability and how he made it to the Super Bowl in only his second season as starting quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks. He is still so young, you just know that he's got many more years in the National Football League and will be a great success. 
And he's just a really nice guy, a humble guy. I like what he said to his teammates before the big game - "Why not us?'' - which was inspired by something his dad used to say to him. He's so young that nobody expected him to lead a team to the Super Bowl, but he proved them wrong. He's a nice kid, who shows a lot of maturity in everything he does.
When I started working on the painting, I really embraced the bright colors. My kids loved it a couple of years ago when the Seahawks changed their uniform and I didn't like it so much, but now I love the colors and I wanted to hit home the team colors in the painting. It's not the traditional look in the NFL, usually uniforms are red, blue and white, and the neon green in the Seahawks uniform is so different. 
Wilson is a double threat as a quarterback because he can run well and throw the ball well, but I decided to do a nice close up of him throwing the ball in the classic quarterback pose. 

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